What is Therapeutic Bodywork?

Therapeutic bodywork is an approach to treatment using realignment and manipulation of the body’s structures through movement in order to allow the client to get relief from pain, realign posture, increase range of motion, and restore the body back to a balanced and relaxed state.

Modalities used during each session

Any combination of the below modalities will be used during each session depending on what is going on in your body. Each session is unique to each client.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.

Myofascial Therapy (MFT) Massage

Myofascial massage is a technique used to treat injuries and discomfort, reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Myofascial massage differs from other types of massage in that it targets the fascia - the membrane surrounding muscles - rather than the muscle itself. Since fascia completely encases every muscle in the body, imbalances in the fascia can have serious effects on your range of motion and comfort level. While other forms of massage can overlook the fascia, myofascial massage focuses specifically on releasing tension in this important membrane.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a type of massage designed for highly active people who engage in athletics. Engaging in sports is harsh on the body and can often lead to injuries in both the short and long term. Sports Massage enhances performance and prolongs a sports career by helping to prevent injury, reduce pains and swelling in the body, relax the mind, increase flexibility, and dramatically improve recovery rates. Sports Massage is also highly effective in aiding the rapid recovery of an athlete from an injury by encouraging greater kinesthetic awareness and in turn promoting the body's natural immune function. I incorporate rocking, shaking, and stretching of every major joint and muscle throughout the body. It aids in stimulating the nervous system and increase blood flow. It also reduces fatigue and swelling, decreases recovery time, and lowers anxiety. I like to play upbeat music to help motivate and inspire my client.


Cupping is a technique using silicone, glass, or hard plastic cups applied to the muscles with a suction. The suction helps to relieve stress and brings blood flow and circulation to the surface allowing the muscles to relax and heal. Typically used by athletes this technique can help anyone who is looking to relax tight muscles and find relief due to stress or repetitive movement.

Pressure Point Therapy

Your body stores stress in specific areas called pressure points. Pressure points are small painful pockets of energy that are located along a nerve pathway in your body. These pressure points actually block the nerve energy from flowing through your body, causing a variety of discomforts and illnesses. In our session, I apply pressure to these specific points and dissolve them, releasing any blockages and restoring your nerve pathways to optimal health and function.

CBD Massage

This unique massage will include extra strength CBD lotion. CBD is known to help reduce inflammation due to muscle strain or injury, decrease overall body pain due to arthritis, joint inflammation or muscle fatigue, and reduce muscle soreness post-workout. This CBD lotion is unscented and made from organic hemp.


$140 CBD for 60 minutes,

$190 CBD for 90 minutes,

$240 CBD for 120 minutes,



$65 for 30 minutes,
$115 for 60 minutes,
$165 for 90 minutes,
$215 for 120 minutes.

Cancellation Policy


A 24 hour advanced notice is required when cancelling a session. If less than 24 hour notice you will be charged the full amount. However, the fee will be waived if you reschedule.
If you are a no-show or arrive late you will be charged the full amount of the session. For late arrivals your session will be shortened to accommodate the clients following you.