Shelly Englert


Let me introduce myself with the most relevant part of my life story — my taking on massage as a career.

It began in 2010 when I accompanied a friend on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a two-day, 39-mile fundraising trek all around San Francisco. Living actively on a Mendocino County ranch at the time, I prepared for the walk with repeated long hikes. However, the grass and dirt underfoot was much softer than city pavement. San Francisco gave my knees and thighs a beating. While I pushed on and completed the Breast Cancer walk, for days afterward I was in a lot of pain and could hardly get around.

I called a massage therapist I knew, and the next few months were life-changing. She not only helped heal my legs, she also treated my lower back, which had gone out after trying to compensate for my injuries. To say she worked a miracle would be exaggerating, but she gave me the knowledge to rehabilitate my wounded body. She made me aware that injuries force unrelated body parts to take on burdens they’re not designed for. Soon viewing massage as preventive medicine, I’d see her once a month and leave feeling healthy and alive.

That is what led me to enroll in extensive massage therapy training. Now, as a graduate of the National Holistic Institute with over 800 classroom hours under my belt, I’m a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist (CMT, LMT), with training and experience in many areas, including Swedish, Myofascial Therapy, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, Lymphatic Drainage, and Energy.

While at NHI, I volunteered in the teaching clinic, performing massages on members of the public willing to undergo “rookie” massages. Later, leaving rookie status behind, I volunteered in the sports medicine department of Santa Rosa Junior College, massaging and treating student athletes, trainers and administrators. As team therapist, I’ve traveled with the SRJC swim team to conference finals and the state competition, where several of “my” students beat their personal records.

My goal is to give my clients a happier, healthier, more pain-free life by strengthening, motivating and teaching body awareness.


Life Before Massage


Born and raised in Colorado, I’m an Environmental Science graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver. My ex-husband (a college classmate) and I moved to Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley in hopes of living a self-sustainable, lesser-impact lifestyle. There, we soon began care-taking a 160-acre ranch. This was home for two decades. I grew most of our food, raised a variety of farm animals and homeschooled our kids — Rowan, born in 2000, and Ethan, in 2005. We routinely canned, dried, fermented and preserved our bounty, producing enough sauces, salsas, butters, soups, jams, olives, and pickles to last the year. I also learned to breed, raise and butcher hogs. I fed co-workers and friends too.

While this lesser-impact, more-sustainable lifestyle was not easy, the payoff was enormous. The kids have a healthy understanding of what it means to grow your own food as well as how to care for, water, feed, store and process it. They know that what they put into their bodies is better for them, the community and the Earth. Teaching our kids that living a conscientious lifestyle regarding our impact on the planet and our awareness of those around us is all the sustainability I need as a parent.

I also offered classes on fermenting and preserving food, taught in a Montessori school, and served as VP of a board determined to get a bike trail through Anderson Valley. I sold eggs and pork to neighbors while working at the land trust, taught myself web design, and remodeled our house. When not volunteering for the water board or trying to write grants to get new playground equipment at the community park, I managed a friend’s farm and restaurant.

Now living in Santa Rosa, I recently bought a house with my boyfriend, Andrés, in a really cool neighborhood on the west side of town. We live here with Ethan (now 15) and our rescue dog, Sophie. Rowan is in Anderson Valley and attending college classes on-line. Andrés has three kids, two in college and one who attends San Leandro High School and is able to come stay with us from time to time. The house has established fruit trees, a large area where I can grow food, and space enough for chickens and an outdoor massage setup that allows me to treat clients despite the pandemic.



What to expect when you book an appointment with me.

  1. I will greet you outside and we will walk through my lush and peaceful garden.
  2. Once inside my office you will fill out a brief intake form and we will discuss what is going on in your body.
  3. We talk about how I can help you get out of pain, increase your range of motion, perform better, or improve your body awareness with different massage techniques.
  4. I step out of the room and you get on the table, clothed or unclothed, depending on your comfort level, and under the sheets.
  5. I perform the massage using CBD, if requested, or an unscented lotion. We may also do some stretching or use other massage tools (cups or scraping) and I always encourage your feedback during the session.
  6. You get dressed and I check in with you about how you’re feeling.
  7. We make a plan for any future work depending on your bodies needs. 

  • Mori
    Thank you for your work. Appreciating so much the focused rapport you encouraged by asking about pressure and consent to touch skin. This made me feel better able to really asks for specifics. Your intuitive touch is good.
  • Meredith
    Shelly was wonderful! Very gifted and lovely energy.
  • Kelsie
    Shelly seemed to be able to read what my body needed in the right areas and the right pressure. She was professional, kind, and courteous. She used a wonderful combination of techniques and modalities, staying present with what I needed, while still following a nice structure.
  • Karen B.
    Shelly is an amazing massage therapist! She really pays attention to the whole person - she listens to what YOU think is going on and asks very appropriate questions to make sure she understands. Then she finds those spots, plus the ones you didn’t realize were issues, and makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud by the time you leave. She is cheerful, considerate, and very adept at what she does. I highly recommend Shelly for your next massage!
    Karen B.
  • Jim
    Shelly was amazing. Her ability to tell where to work more on a specific area was excellent. The pace of the massage was perfection and all in all one of the top massages I’ve had.
  • Jenna D.
    I’ve been seeing Shelly the past couple of months for a sports related shoulder injury that I’ve dealt with for years. I’ve seen nearly 10 medical professionals for this injury, and Shelly was the first person who understood and pinpointed the areas that were causing my pain. She incorporates a variety of treatment methods into each session including massage and cupping, and even showed me how to do certain things on my own at home. If you have pain or a stubborn injury, I’d definitely recommend going to Shelly!
    Jenna D.
  • Eileen
    She had a nice touch and her energy was relaxing. I appreciated she suggested neck stretches and spent extra time stretching my hips. Great powerful energy! She was very effective and pleasant.
  • Carrie L.
    I have had two massages recently from Shelly. She is working on my shoulder specifically, as I have frozen shoulder. I’ve felt a great relief both times resulting in less pain and better night sleeps! I can’t recommend Shelly enough, she is kind, an excellent listener, and she knows what she’s talking about. The place is always clean, quiet, and has great energy. And her backyard garden is a delight! I’m sure you will enjoy your massage with Shelly. I’m looking forward to my next one.
    Carrie L.
  • Carlos E.
    I have always doubted the effectiveness of a massage due to all my previous experiences with massages. I injured my shoulder from heavy lifting at the gym and caused me extreme shooting pain up to my neck , my chiropractor recommended I try massage , I was referred to Shelly and I am now a believer. I was not able to sleep comfortably because of the neck pain however after seeing Shelly my pain was gone and I was able to resume my workouts. She's super nice and listened to me and my pain points and focused on the areas that needed work. I highly recommend Shelly , she has a very clean place and very cute setup at her home . She is also the nicest person ever. Go see her , you won't regret it!
    Carlos E.
  • Austin M.
    I went to Shelly for some on and off low back pain due to the nature of tennis, golf, the gym and daily duties of being a chiropractor. She not only focused on my problem area but found other spots that I was unaware that may be tight and contributing to my low back pain. Immediately after the massage and especially the next day I noticed that my back was not painful anymore. I plan on going back to make sure that my body is in the best shape it can be. Definitely recommend as she has many different tools up her sleeve to cater to anybody.
    Austin M.